Chosen family is family. Sometimes they are the closest and most important family. Just because you share blood with someone, doesn't mean you have to form a bond.

That's why best friends are so important.

BFFs are forged in many ways. They're there for you in triumph and sorrow. They hold your hand. T

They know where the bodies are buried because they helped bury them. That's why it's so heartbreaking to lose them.

It's just a bitter pill to swallow when it's a relationship you thought was going to be endless.

Redditor FindingDale wanted to hear all the reasons why sometimes we just have to say goodbye to certain people in life, by asking:

How did you lose your best friend?
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Breaking up is something that never gets easier.

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Money is always a heavy stresser. Whether you have some or you don't, it can often lead to trouble. Cash can put us in especially more precarious situations when we lose it. That's always a fun time. Watching money--whether it be yours or other people's-- evaporate can be vomit inducing experience.

Imagine you lose it by your own hand and wrong doing? That is the biggest oops of all. Knowing you lost a fortune and you could have stopped it from going, if only you hadn't made one or six bad decisions? That's a lot to live with.

Redditor u/TheNarrator315 wanted to hear, from whoever was willing to share, about the times some of us lost A LOT of money, by asking:

What was the most expensive mistake you have ever made?
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Bittersweet moments are usually wonderfully pleasant but yet wrapped in a blanket of sadness, longing or even regret. These experiences are uniquely human and often intertwined in nostalgic memories.

Human emotion is complex. The duality of bittersweet is what makes life interesting.

The comments from BlaasianCowboyPanda's post on Ask Reddit are filled with tearful moments from people's memories. Often, they involve loss, love, or regret.

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Forgiveness has a threshold.

People can only be pushed so far before their personal trigger points become a problem. And that's different for everybody--some people are definitely more forgiving than others. But everybody does have their threshold.

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