People Debate Who Is The World's Most Universally Liked Person
Johan Godínez/Unsplash

The most universally liked person is a high honor, and a very tall order to fill. That means the 7.753 billion people on the planet need to not only have heard of who the person is, but also find them to be admirable in some way.

If there's anyone we know, they have to have some level of notoriety because of their deeds, their celebrity status, online or television personality, or accomplishments.

We tend to idolize celebrities because we can peer into their lives and feel like we know them. The bits of their personality that are shown to us tend to be the most likeable if their PR is doing a good job.

It's also possible that they're just a genuinely good person.

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People Break Down Which Things Make Someone Instantly Likable

What makes someone likable? A smile, the way they speak, how they treat others? What is the quality you notice first? The thing that stands out the most when meeting a new person for me isn't simply if they have good qualities but how natural it seems to be for them.

If they had to pause and think about it to make a big gesture out of doing something nice they probably aren't like that in their downtime. The people who volunteer and do good deeds without posting about it, telling everyone about it, and just go on like that's a normal part of this day--those are my people.

Recognition is great but the people who do good deeds in private, those people typically have good hearts.

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People Break Down Which Celebrities Have No Haters
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Many people would rather focus on the scandals associated with celebrities notorious for bad behavior.

This is a shame since many of their phenomenal talents are overlooked in favor of a juicy tabloid.

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