People Confess Which Life Lessons They Learned The Hard Way
Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

Humans are not always hard-wired to accept the lessons they can learn softly. Humans may need to have a seriously difficult learning experience to recognize a life lesson.

We call this learning the "hard way."

Whereas if you'd just listened to someone's advice beforehand, you may have avoided making this mistake—but on the other hand, the issue being dealt with would certainly not leave as great an impression upon you.

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It's called "learning the hard way" for a reason.

Once you learn something the hard way it's impossible to forget it. It sticks in your brain due to the trauma that came along with learning the difficult lesson. Hopefully it didn't leave a lasting impact and have consequences on the rest of your life, but who knows?

Sometimes, a lesson well learned comes at a great cost.

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