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Attractive People Divulge The One Thing They Feel Insecure About
Image by Harpreet Batish from Pixabay

Pretty people have problems, too.

But when you get to look like you've stepped off the cover of Vogue and you've never once bought your own drinks, feeling sympathy is hard to summon.

But being attractive is not everything. Physical attributes still don't make life perfect. Which is why I'm skipping the gym today.

It is good to know though, that even people gifted with physical perfection can still be as unsure about life, just like the rest of us average looking gnomes.

Redditor u/pauseitron_ wanted to know how life can be not so perfect for those picture perfect types, by asking:

People who're considered physically attractive, what are some of the things that you feel insecure about?
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People Break Down Which Things Scream 'I Have Low Self-Esteem'
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Social insecurity, a largely silent and internal weight, can't help but rear its head for the external world every so often.

Or for some, it comes out pretty regularly.

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