Kids are embracing their fashion earlier these days. One of the main things is breaking down the gender barriers of fashion as a whole. Anyone can wear anything. Until they can’t. Case in point… Redditor _OmgItsJJ_ wanted to discuss his story for some feedback. So naturally he came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” […] More
There’s little that’s more sad than when a family becomes estranged. But in some cases, cutting off communication from certain family members is the only solution for some people to live happy and healthy lives. Making a reunion an unlikely possibility. The brother of Redditor InterestingCan4785 hadn’t spoken to their parents for years, after they […] More
Even in 2022 the LGBTQIA+ is still struggling with prejudice. Yes it is easier to come out and be your self more today than 20 years ago. But there are still people who refuse to be accepting. And can lead to a lot of drama. Case in point… Redditor Special_Print_7232 wanted to discuss his story […] More
When you come out to your family, it’s easy to expect the worst. But if they can accept and support you, things become a lot easier. Redditor Okaythrowaway0 thought things were going fine with her family. That is until the original poster (OP) found out her sister didn’t want to invite OP’s girlfriend to her […] More
There is little more upsetting to a parent than learning that their child is being bullied. But it’s equally upsetting news when parents learn that their child is the one doing the bullying. Discovering that their child is a bully will likely lead parents down a rabbit hole of questions. Was this my doing? Did […] More