People Share The Activities Their Body Told Them They Absolutely Must Stop Doing
Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

Getting older is inevitable.

Like everything else on the planet, over time the human body suffers the effects of wear and tear.

Joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, teeth, etc... are put through the ringer and eventually it begins to show.

Things we used to do with ease suddenly aren't so simple.

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People Break Down Which Hobbies Get More Expensive As You Go
Anton Maksimov 5642.su on Unsplash

Everyone needs hobbies. And side hustles and interests beyond work and family.

But hobbies can get pricey.

Just ask any parent with a kid who had a million activities.

We all want to experience as much as possible.

And we should.

But all that fun and experience adds up.

Nothing is free, especially a side hustle.

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