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Historians Share Unproven Facts Everyone Believes Are True

Reddit user Emma_Mendoza_ asked: 'Historians, what historical fact does everyone believe in, even though it is not fully proven?'

Small talk and gossip have a funny way of impacting the information that we receive and what we feel about it.

So much so, we sometimes accept events or concepts as fact because we've heard the information so many times.

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Historical Events That Are Hard To Believe Happened

Reddit user ThrowAwayMyLife2341 asked: 'What are some events in recorded history that are extremely hard to believe, but without a doubt actually happened?'

Collection of maps and atlases
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

While we may not all enjoy studying history, we all have certain types of stories that interest us, and one that seems to catch everyone's attention are the hard-to-believe, almost far-fetched tales.

Interestingly enough, history is full of these stories, leaving many to believe that reality is truly stranger than fiction.

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The older you get, the more you realize that having a worldview can be a disappointing aspect of life.

It's all the knowledge we acquire.

Sure, the more you know, the smarter you get.

But the more you know, the less you can pretend.

History can be difficult to learn.

Everything opinion and thought can change in an instant.

Sometimes that is a great thing.

Sometimes... not so much.

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It's easy to assume things about history since we weren't actually there. We're taught to believe everything we read, but often times, it takes more research to figure out the truth.

There are a lot of historical figures we believe were bad based on what we first read or heard. However, upon further research, we find out they weren't actually that bad.

Some of them got a bad reputation even though all they did was make a mistake. Others just weren't appreciated for their ideas and inventions during their own time. Some of them are even heroes!

It seems Redditors did some of that extra research and are ready to share their findings.

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We're taught about all kinds of historical figures in school, and told why they're great. Copernicus realized the Earth revolved around the son, Newton discovered gravity, and Paul Revere warned Americans that there was to be a British attack.

What we're not told is that many historical figures we idolize were not great people. Yes, they accomplished some great things, but they also committed some horrible acts.

Redditors are ready to burst our bubbles about those historical figures we thought were all-around great.

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