People Divulge How Their 15-Year-Old Self Would React To The Life They're Living Now
Photo by Aedrian on Unsplash

As teenagers, we have all sorts of ideas of what our life will be like when we grow up.

Living in our dream home, with our dream spouse and working at our dream job, essentially without a fear or care in the world.

Needless to say, life doesn't always turn out the way we expect it to.

Leading us to wonder, how would our teenage selves react to the lives we currently lead?

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The world is a dumpster fire right now.

I don't know why I even watch the news.

There have to be brighter tales to hear and share.

There are still good humans left, right?

Redditor ItsTheCess wanted us to spread some seriously needed good cheer. They asked:

"What are some good things happening in the world right now?"
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People Confess Which Simple Things Make Them The Happiest
Xavi Cabrera/Unsplash

India Arie sang "It's the little things and the joy they bring" twenty whole years ago (go ahead and take a moment to process that. We OLD, fam!) and the lyrics to that undeniable bop are still just as relevant as ever.

Except maybe the lines about phone calls - nobody calls anyone now. We have voice notes and messaging apps for that, India.

The last time I used my phone as a phone I had to actually search for the icon to make that outgoing call. Grumbled about how it could have been a voice note the whole time.

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People Break Down The Things We Should Enjoy Now Before They're Gone
Photo by Shaurya Sagar on Unsplash

Enjoy it now. It all fades.

Now there is wisdom we always ignore.

Life really is wasted on the young.

All kidding aside... life is fleeting.

We have to embrace everything in the best way possible.

Redditor ConesWithNan wanted everyone to celebrate certain aspects of life while it's still possible. So they asked:

"What should we enjoy before it's no longer around?"
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Time really does fly by.

I never believed that until recently.

I wish I had relished in my childhood more.

I miss certain toys and watching specific movies for the first time.

I miss the feeling of hope.

If only we could start again...

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