People Break Down The Things We Should Enjoy Now Before They're Gone
Photo by Shaurya Sagar on Unsplash

Enjoy it now. It all fades.

Now there is wisdom we always ignore.

Life really is wasted on the young.

All kidding aside... life is fleeting.

We have to embrace everything in the best way possible.

Redditor ConesWithNan wanted everyone to celebrate certain aspects of life while it's still possible. So they asked:

"What should we enjoy before it's no longer around?"
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Time really does fly by.

I never believed that until recently.

I wish I had relished in my childhood more.

I miss certain toys and watching specific movies for the first time.

I miss the feeling of hope.

If only we could start again...

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People Share The Changes They Made That Really Improved Their Mental Health
Lidya Nada on Unsplash

We are in a better place than we've ever been when it comes to discussing mental health.

We still have a VERY long way to go.

Besides therapy and drugs, there are simple, daily things we can all do to try to brighten our days.

Life is dark, be we have to try let in some positivity.

If for no other reason than not being trapped in sadness.

What are some of the happiness tricks of the trade we all need to know?

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People Describe Which Smells Make Them Instantly Happy
Angelica Echeverry/Unsplash

There's a certain smell that makes me smile involuntarily—and then smile bigger because I know the reason I'm smiling is because I'm a lovesick fool and honestly—it's kinda nice.

His beard oil, mixed with sea air, sunscreen, and sand. Bake with a few hours of sun, add a splash of coconut.

It's incredibly specific, I know—but it's the smell of summer afternoons, date nights sharing pizza at 2 am on the beach, it's the smell of falling in love. It's the smell of years together, sunscreen on the kids, coconut conditioner on five heads of curls.

It's the smell of us and I grin like a fool every time I smell it.

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What feels better than sexual pleasure?

I mean, the answer is, "nothing," right?


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