gun violence

People Share Realistic Solutions To The Issue Of Gun Violence In America

America is in a terrible situation.

We are addicted to guns and nobody seems to care.

And nothing seems to get done.

Redditor Specktakles88 wanted to take a serious moment to ask:

"What, in your opinion, is a realistic solution to gun violence in the United States?"
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Police Officers Divulge How They Feel About The Massacre In Uvalde, TX

The nation remains polarized over calls for stricter gun legislation in the wake of yet another shooting, this time at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

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It can feel like the world is out to get you, especially when people die in such easily avoidable ways.

This isn't to make light of tragic accidents, or people suffering from long term illnesses, but when you look at the staggering amount of gun deaths in the country, or the number of people still losing loved ones to lung cancer after years of smoking, it becomes apparent maybe some people don't want to avoid it at all.

When it seemingly would be so easy to step to the side.

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People Who Work In Gun Shops Share The Biggest Red Flags They've Ever Seen
Skitterphoto / Pexels

With the news being what it's been lately (and by "lately" we mean for the past several years) the conversation about gun sales and control comes up a lot. We tackle a lot of different angles from a hypothetical perspective - but it's rare that we talk to people who actually sell guns.

Now we are.

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We're Officially Obsessed With This Guy Who Straight Up Refused To Hand Over His Louis Vuitton Bag To An Armed Robber
WOOD TV8/YouTube; @mm_donnelly/Twitter

An attempted robbery didn't go the way the robber intended. When the perpetrator tried to take his victim's bag, he found more trouble than he expected.

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