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Every time I watch Law & Order: SVU I scream at the television when a judge throws out a piece of vital evidence. When they give a "reason" I'm like... that makes no sense. How can evidence be disqualified? It's evidence! Imagine how much more frustrating it is to learn that that happens in real life. I'm stunned. Can you imagine being the lawyer or client when you discover the smoking gun, the linchpin to the whole case is something that can't be used? Ridiculous.

Redditor u/shortbus79 wanted the lawyers of the net to share with us some stories of frustration by asking.... Prosecuting Attorneys of Reddit, what is the most incriminating evidence you've found but couldn't use?

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It's difficult to admit when we've messed up. Especially if we truly had good intentions, but just played those intentions wrong. Nobody wants to be the guilty one, the one to inflict unpleasantness onto others, but sometimes we just do. And often it can take a hot minute, or decade, to reflect and realize.... we were the villain of the piece. Then what do we do? Take the knowledge to the grave or our own up and apologize?

Redditor u/hytestrategic wanted to us all to own up to the times we had to admit.... that maybe we weren't as innocent as we appeared by asking..... What's your "Oh f**k, I am an a**hole" moment?

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Sometimes the universe just conspires against you. You do not deserve it, you lack the ability to avoid it, and yet circumstances align in the worst way possible.

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Lawyers have a difficult job. Yes we make fun of them and often make their lives miserable but they are just doing their jobs to the best of their abilities. They are human... contrary to popular belief. They have plenty of moments and mistakes they regret. And in hindsight they often look back at a win as a fail.

Redditor u/Mr-Ard wanted to know if any of the law professionals out there were wiling to fess up by asking.... Lawyers of reddit, what case you wish you never won?
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