Airbnbs are now just as commonplace as hotels. They are like UBER to yellow taxi cabs. But things can get tricky with Airbnbs. There are often a lot of rules including surprise rules. So it’s always best to be on top of every aspect before and when you arrive. As a renter it’s also important […] More
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When someone asks to crash at your place, it's admittedly difficult to say no. And honestly, usually it feels nice to be hospitable.

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Image by ming dai from Pixabay

The finite nature of a hotel stay can lead guests to behave in ways they wouldn't normally. And where there is saucy behavior, there are the artifacts left behind.

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Its that time of year again. Time to get scared and get spooky. Covid be damned, we can still find ways to enjoy Halloween. One of the staples of this time of festivity is Haunted Houses. In any given non-pandemic year they'd be everywhere. Over the last few decades the planning and launching of a House of Horrors has become an art form. In fact there are houses you have to sign waivers for in order to enter. So has to make one wonder, what sort of tales do the actors and people behind the scenes have to tell. They've seen it all.

Redditor u/thotthebot wanted to hear from the thespians who partake in creating spooks for the masses by asking them to chat about.... Haunted house workers, what is something that a guest had said or done that made you break character?
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Opening your home to loved ones and friends for a time is always the generous, right thing to do, especially when people are in particular need. But that charity needs to come with some rules and responsibility. When people start to get crazy, it's time for people to go. Your home is not an insane asylum and you are not a doormat. Rude is rude. And you don't need that mess.

Redditor u/lickmyfeet14 wanted to hear about some bad behavior among home invaders that were originally invited by asking.... What was the rudest thing a visitor did in your house?

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