It's a wonderful feeling when you think you've met "the one."

Someone who is so perfect in absolutely every way that you can't help but think that they must be too good to be true.

Only to make the unpleasant discovery that they are, indeed, too good to be true.

As they neglected to tell you one important piece of information: they're seeing something else.

A discovery that is naturally met with rage, sadness, and confusion.

As well as the occasional unexpected, unusual development down the line.

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Some years ago, an ex of mine gave me a teddy bear that I've had no desire to get rid of. For one thing, it's soft and cuddly and nice to sleep with. Why would I want to get rid of it?

The relationship also did not end badly so I saw no reason to get rid of it. It would have felt like a waste.

I'm not the only one who has kept something from a prior relationship either. People have their reasons. We heard some of them after Redditor wham_12 asked the online community,

"What's one thing your ex gave you that you can't get rid of?"
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