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Babysitters and daycare professionals have access to a unique vantage. As the trusted adults left in the room with a child or children, childcare workers are the ultimate flies on the wall.

And when a childcare worker performs that role for an extended period of time--an entire career in some cases--they become privy to a whole collage of different kids who come from different homes.

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As children, we were mystified by the boring parts of life that grown-ups seemed not only to put up with... but embrace.

Wanting to go to bed early? Saying no to dessert? Initiating plans to do yard work? These were inconceivable thoughts, and they felt galaxies away from the person we'd ever become.

But anybody who's grown to be at least in their 20s--or beyond--those habits and priorities, quietly and without you noticing right away, become a part of your own life.

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Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay

Hilarious moments are blind to timing. They seem to strike at the absolute worst times, when laughing would be completely inappropriate.

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Image by Anita S. from Pixabay

Secondhand embarrassment is like siphoning gas from one car to the next. Except instead of gas it's cold sweats and red blushing cheeks, and instead of a car it's your central nervous system.

Also, you want no part of it.

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If you've ever worked with kids you know that their honesty and lack of filter can sometimes make them cringeworthy - and pretty hilarious.

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