former homophobic people

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

People change. People learn and grow. That is the hope, that we will evolve into better humans.

Now I do give some people leeway as age and experience fashions them into better forms of themselves, especially for people who spend many formative years as "bullies."

One of the most bullied groups is the LGBTQIA community. Sadly many inflict inhumane cruelty on them.

And because too many others are just confused about themselves. Hurt people, hurt people. That is a very accurate saying. And often the people lashing out at the LGBTQIA community are just too afraid to admit, they want a ticket to the party.

Redditor u/straight-up-bs wanted to hear some hard but fantastic truths from people who found their truth by asking: Previous homophobes who turned out to be gay, what's your story?
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