People Explain Which Horrors They Wish They Could Unleash On Their Worst Enemy
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Many of us sometimes fantasize about what we would do to our worst enemies, especially in the moments when they're actively making our lives worse.

While most of us would never actually do any of the things that we contemplate instead of screaming at that super annoying person at the office, we do get pretty creative with the ideas.

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Ever since moving to New York to acquire fame and fortune, I've had to make sacrifices. For the first year I was able to live alone but I was stationed a little far from where all the action happens. Quickly I learned that in order to be in the thick of the action, I was gonna have to move in with people and share my space to save some coin. Now some thirty roommates later.... I should've just stayed with the commute. The book I could write. I wouldn't know where to begin. The roommate who had a two year old that he forgot to mention? The roomie who liked to dance nude in the kitchen while intoxicated? The guy who would have pornographic sound level intercourse? Oh the stories. Imma live alone forever.

Redditor u/epic-yolo-swag wanted everyone to unload about the worst choices we've all made by deciding to share a home by asking..... Redditors, what is your roommate horror story?
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There comes a time in our lives when we have to cut people out because of their toxic, negative, or destructive behavior. And there's no shame in doing it - tolerance and acceptance can only go so far, and there is always a last straw.

The785 asked: What was the incident that made you cut somebody close out of your life?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

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Nobody is perfect sure but, some people are just too much to handle. Now it can take sometime to figure out the toxic people around you. They can very cagey about their true selves. If it turns out they're your best friend or sister that leaves you facing a conundrum. But if a brand new person strolls into your life and you can just smell their rotting carcass of an aura. You have the freedom to peace out there and then. Those red flags start waving immediately. If there is an IMMEDIATE dislike... just go!

Redditor u/9w_lf9 wanted to put everyone on notice by having the rest of us reveal... What is that one thing that immediately puts you off a person?

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