We’ve all eavesdropped on conversations in public at one time or another. But one guy on Reddit took things a bit further by contributing his opinion to the conversation he was listening in on—and the person he was listening to didn’t appreciate it. The Original Poster (OP) wasn’t sure about how he’d handled things, so […] More
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Listen, we're not going to encourage listening in on people's conversations. It's rude.

But we're ALSO not about to pretend that some people aren't out here having whole conversations on speakerphone in quiet public places or that there aren't situations where the dropping of eaves turns up something well worth hearing.

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You can't be serious? I have lost track of the amount of times I've said that to someone, and then nobody specific. The things that fall out of people's mouths can be shocking. Certain oratory moments make you regret having ears. Like how do some humans function? I wish more people would acquire restraint before they speak, or become a mute.

Redditor u/VandalM was hoping everyone would share all the things they wish they could un-hear by asking.... What is the outright dumbest thing you have heard someone say?
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None of us are perfect. Now a few of us do come close, but barely. And sometimes we will "overhear" or even flat out learn a few things about ourselves that are less than flattering. Often the truth is stumbled upon and not flat out told.

A Quora writer was wondering what some people have been surprised by when learning about themselves by asking....

What is the most surprising thing you have accidentally overheard about yourself?

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Curiosity is a natural human behavior. We all do it. Who can't help but use our God given gift (the sense of sound) to listen to the stories of our fellow humans. And if you're talking and living amongst the public... well that's on you.

Redditor u/LeggyBald wanted to know what sort of odd secrets have been inadvertently unearthed by asking.... What's the strangest conversation you've "accidentally" eavesdropped on?

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