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People Confess Which Jobs They Could Absolutely Never Do
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Not everybody is meant to be great at everything. We're all not destined to be rockstars in every career field, even the career of being a rockstar can be too much for most.

That's why we we're all given unique gifts and talents to be utilized in many different ways. We should of course respect everyone and all that they accomplish in their own jobs, because hard work is hard work.

There are so many careers that are just too difficult to comprehend. You look at them and you don't even have to think about it, you just know... "Yeah there is no way that's going to work for me."

Although, never say never. Some ideas just take a quick try to be sure. Let's discuss...

Redditor Gerry4Derry_1916 was wondering which professions are just too much to handle, by asking:

What is one job you could NEVER work as and have no idea how others can do it?
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God bless our essential workers. They are the spine of our society. Without some professions life as we know it would not exist.

Teachers, fire fighters, janitors, nurses... they save our lives everyday in big ways and small. So why are they underpaid, overworked and never appreciated properly? Hell, half the time society doesn't even give them the time of day for a hello.

We live in a world where models are milllionaires. And actors are hereos. It's time to pay so long overdue praise the more essential.

Redditor u/robinscott3 wanted to hear who we should be giving big shout outs to for their essential work, by asking:

What is one job that doesn't get the respect it deserves?
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