cringe worthy

We have all fallen victim to the squirm. It arises from various sources.

The cringe igniter may be a memory of yourself long ago as an unbelievably awkward human being. It could be a moment spent witnessing the brutal faux pas of another.

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A teacher can be a profoundly influential force for good. To inspire and educate a teenager is to provide a foundation for positive outcomes throughout the rest of a life.

A teacher can also conduct some of the most disturbing, inexcusable behaviors with vulnerable adolescents. These cringe maneuvers provide some of the most severe, awkward silences ever to grace the lives of every kid in class.

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We all talk about the creepy things that men do in romantic or sexual settings. But to be fair, there are women (and non-binary people) who can be just as cringeworthy. Where is the line drawn between obsessive and sweet? Here are some answers from the men of Reddit.

u/Master_Lego_Yoda asked: Guys of reddit, what makes a girl creepy?

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During the span of years between Kindergarten and Senior Year, a slew of horrifying actions are committed by children.

These faux pas are not entirely their fault. Nobody's brain is fully developed and for a hefty bulk of those years, everyone interacting with one another is completely at the whims of strong hormonal dynamics.

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