People Share The Strangest Things They've Ever Seen In A Contract's Terms And Conditions
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When we purchase the latest hi-tech gadgets, we tend to toss aside the accompanying reading materials like the terms and conditions.

Or when it comes to signing a new lease for an apartment, some of us immediately scroll to the dotted line to leave our John Hancock without reading all of the fine print.

Whether they're contracts or literature that come with purchased products, do we ever really bother to read the detailed policies?

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People Who Have Actually Gone Through With A Marriage Pact Share Their Story

Nobody wants to die alone. Though we may not admit it, we've all thought about having a love story that lasts until the end of time. Sometimes many of us don't get that lucky. So we start to peruse our sea of possibilities in those nearest and dearest or those acquaintances that are a looker. Forging a pact so that you have guaranteed company later in life isn't a terrible idea.

Redditor u/devilsdickpic wanted to hear from all the marrieds out there who are willing to share about their love story by asking.... Who here has actually married their "Let's get married if we're still single by 40" person, and what's the story?

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Terms and conditions are generally just a scroll-through endeavor.

We know we are responsible for blah-de-blah and we can't do xyz and so on, those are pretty standard with all terms and conditions. But do you ever wonder if we're being taken advantage of or else made fun of in that text?

For the most part would our lives change if we actually read the terms and conditions? Probably not. But we might illuminate some things we never knew about that company before.

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