People Debate What Would Be On TV In Hell
Fran Jacquier on Unsplash

Even those of us who lived through it might forget how terrible it was to have our shows decided by someone else, thousands of miles away. When you had to sit, and wait, for the show that was on to end so you could finally watch the one you want.

I think Hell might be like that.

These people, on the other hand, had a much more sinister idea for what everyone is forced to watch down below.

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Ordep333When my middle child was 4, we got into a minor car accident. From the back seat she calmly asked if we had been in a car accident. When I confirmed she nodded knowingly and said

"When you've been in an accident dial 911, then call 411 for 1 800 411 PAIN. 411 PAIN, call 911 then call 411."
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