Some of us always err on the side of caution.

And as such, we will triple check dates of our travel or dinner reservations, take a picture of the stove before leaving the house, to ensure we didn't leave it off, or check in with our babysitters every half hour (or less!) to ensure that the kids are alright.

In most cases, we needn't have worried, as everything was fine, and was always going to be fine.

It was just our own, neurotic instincts getting the better of us.

In other cases, however, doing what seemed like a simple little dummy check may have been far more valuable than we would have thought, as it may have ended up being a life-saving measure.

Figuratively or literally.

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People Share The Biggest Friendship Red Flags That Folks Tend To Overlook
Photo by Goh Rhy Yan on Unsplash

You got to have friends.

There are shows about the beauty of friendships.

There are shows about the downfall of those connections.

I think we should focus more on the downfall.

We often turn a blind eye to the people we can and have called friends.

That can be a big mistake.

Don't let loneliness lead you.

Sometimes people just have to go.

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Redditor Called ‘Ableist’ For Refusing To Drive Niece With Tourette’s To School Every Morning
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People Share The Places You Should Never Have Sex
We-Vibe Toys on Unsplash

There's a time and place for things. Generally speaking, that's a valid sentiment.

However, when it comes to giving your sex life a boost, spontaneously getting your groove on at any given time or place–other than in a bedroom–can be passionate.

Making love in the shower can be hot and also convenient after climax. Getting busy inside your boss' office after hours can be risky but highly erotic. And there's always the mile-high club for those unconcerned about being claustrophobic.

While some like to think there's no limit to having discreet sex anywhere, others believe there are places that should be off-limits.

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People Break Down Which Activities May Sound Safe But Aren't At All

There are hidden dangers in a lot of activities we consider pretty harmless…but are they really? Painting is a relaxing past time but it can become dangerous for the uninformed. When using oil paints turpentine is a must... also a must when using turpentine, excellent ventilation. It can be extremely hazardous if used improperly.

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