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While many classified documents of disturbing cases are now accessible to the public, there are some things that have happened throughout history that are better left unknown.

Still, there will always be curious minds wanting to know the details of some of the most disturbing cases that were once strictly confidential information.

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A trial can hinge on one simple piece of information.

All it could take for a suspect to walk free or go to jail for the rest of their lives is one single fact.

With this in mind, some lawyers will do their best to make sure that this information is buried, legally and ethically one hopes, and will never be brought up in trial.

However, for this to happen, Lawyers will still need to know this piece of information from their clients, as it otherwise could be brought up by the prosecution, effectively ending the case.

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Be it Law & Order, FBI, or CSI, or the work of James Patterson, countless people are simply addicted to crime themed TV shows, movies and books.

Others, however, are more fascinated by the real thing.

Be it scripted series, documentary style or podcast, many people are fascinated by true crimes, and can't learn enough about some of these cases.

But on some occasions, the crimes in question might simply be too gruesome, dramatic or heartbreaking to handle, resulting in even the most dedicated crime aficionados to take a step back.

Redditor Soupystains was curious to hear which true crime case fellow Reddit users simply couldn't handle, leading them to ask:

"What's a true crime case that was simply too much to handle?"
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