While not everyone can agree that babies are beautiful, most of us can agree that it would be messed up to fat-shame a baby. Unfortunately, people still do it, pointed out the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit, and sometimes it’s by their own parents. Redditor haianwisbebsh decided enough was enough when his wife kept […] More
Redditor ElBartoToday is a 22-year-old guy who is getting ready to graduate from college. His parents divorced but he remained close with his older sister. When it came time to send out early invitations for his commencement ceremony, the graduate upset his father because he didn’t invite his father’s new girlfriend and her son. After […] More
There is a split in opinion when it comes to non-traditional names for babies. Some people think they’re a unique way to make their children standout, while others feel it just leads to bullying. Redditor Suitable-Way7563 has chosen names for her children, and they don’t fit the expectations of her family. The original poster (OP) […] More
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Kids can really be cruel. Why is that? Simple answer, because adults don't know any better. Bullying is a learned behavior and it's time for parents to step up.

As much as we discuss bullying out in the open nowadays, it still seems like an enormous amount of kids are suffering.

We definitely have social media to thank for that. Too many people have access to easy ways to spew their hate and vitriol.

Let's hear some stories...

Redditor FarSheepherder3880 wanted to hear from the survivors of bullies, they asked:

"What did you get bullied for?"
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For many parents, the practice of coming up with a name for their children can be perceived as a high-stakes endeavor. Redditor Southern_Wave7394 is a dad who reluctantly agreed to the name favored by his wife. Now that their daughter started first grade, an incident at school caused the young girl to be upset. His […] More