bad kids

What was I thinking?

Was I even thinking?

Our pasts are haunted with regret.

When we're kids, we're still learning how to be humans.

So many of our actions are wrong or ill-conceived.

And we never know how the consequences of our choices will unfold.

But once we do know, we have to cope.

We've wronged people. Bullied. Stole.

Redditor 21078 wanted to hear from all the grown ups about what part of the past still haunts them. They asked:

"What’s a terrible thing you did as a child that you really feel bad about as an adult?"
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People Confess Which Rules Were Created Because Of Their Actions
Allen Taylor on Unsplash

We all did wild things when we were young. Many of us still do wild things now.

Some of these actions were against the rules. Other actions weren't exactly banned but were frowned upon. And some actions were so crazy, no one thought about having a rule against them at first.

Sometimes, we do something so out of the ordinary that a rule is created so it won't happen again. These are often the best stories.

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