Some people wake up the moment they hear someone stir. Others sleep like a rock through absolutely anything. The noises and commotion that a heavy sleeper sleeps through is next-level weird, but it can also be a weirdly good trait to have.

u/anarachelb asked: Deep sleepers, what have you slept through?

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Sleeping is one of life's greatest gifts. And there is no one specific way to sleep perfectly. Some people do sleep in the strangest ways but hey, whatever gets you that good R.E.M is what you need to do. One of the most popular ways for getting a sound sleep -especially when you're not sleeping alone- is to sleep in the nude. That feeling of flesh cradled in fresh sheets is one of the greatest feelings in the world, however, for some it's just uncomfortable and strange. Everybody has an opinion.

Redditor u/bill1211 wanted see hear what everyone's thoughts were on a very vital debate.... What's your opinion on sleeping naked?

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