Neurodivergent People Share The Social Norms That Feel Weird To Them
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Social norms—those unwritten rules that extroverts excel at and most neurotypical people at least understand.

However those labeled socially awkward often struggle to understand social norms.

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People With ADHD Break Down The Unsolicited Advice They're Tired Of Hearing
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Neurotypical people giving neurodivergent folk unsolicited advice about their conditions is exhausting.

Can y'all stop that? Please?

It's not helpful, even when you mean the absolute best.

What works for your brain is literally not likely to work for someone neurodivergent. Conversely, what works for someone neurodivergent may seem like an absolute disco bloodbath to you.

And believe me, we WISH things like making lists and setting alarms actually worked.

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Mom Becomes Irate After Parents Won't Adhere To Her Son With ADHD’s Strict Schedule At His Friend's Birthday Party
ilbusca / Getty Images

ADHD and other sensory and processing disorders affect millions of people worldwide.

Often times, minor accommodations like diet changes, quiet spaces and schedules can help to make the person more comfortable.

When they're younger, it falls to their parents/guardians to make those adjustments for them until they can do it for themselves.

Is it possible, however, to go overboard with it?

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