When you’re a parent, letting go can be the hardest job of all. Eventually your kids will grow and have lives of their own. They’ll make friends and find significant others And when they do, there are ways to go about it, ways to not. Case in point… Redditor Specialist_Cancel761 wanted to discuss her story […] More

In 2017 I was briefly famous in Nigeria, a country I have never been to and know very little about. In a series of events that I would absolutely not believe if I had not lived them, I ended up accused of plucking my left eye out to gain entry into the Illuminati.

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It's a big fear of ours, as humans--that we will be put into a position of guilt and be unable to prove our innocence.

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens. You're flustered. You're lost for words. Do you even have a way to prove it's not you? Or are you up the creek without a paddle?

How you handle being accused in the moment can be very telling.

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