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As a kid, the zoo seemed like a fantastical place where the animals poked their heads out to see us behind the glass panes or the metal bars, and happily retreated to their expansive lair whenever they felt like it.

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Everybody is watching it. Everybody is talking about it. You can't escape it. The memes, the tweets, the mystery, the over the top drama. It's going to go down as a part of cultural history... I'm of course discussing "Tiger King" on Netflix. You just can't look away. And as it turns out, many of us have a small personal connection... because who hasn't visited a zoo?

Redditor u/AndTCGW wanted to know who has a personal experience when it comes to the locales in this docuseries craziness by asking....

Has anyone been to zoos that were documented on Tiger King? What were they like? Was there any indication of the crazy stuff that was in the documentary series?

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Okay so normally this is the part of the article where I have some relevant story to tell about what you're about to read. Not this time. I've never been a zookeeper, though I did really want to be when I was younger. The closest I got was working at an exotic animal vet's office - and mostly that just involved a lot of rabbit poop.

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Everyday chit chat and normal conversation isn't as easy as it sounds to keep up. And there are some life stories and experiences we'd love to share but just can't. How do you fit in death, sorrow and misery? Some people have a gift to guide conversation in any possible way and the rest of us just shy away. But Lord the stories we could tell!!

Redditor u/MrGohan27 wanted everyone to dish about the one story that you can't escape.... What is the one story you want to tell, that you can never fit into a conversation?

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The Animal Kingdom is a mighty mighty world not to be toyed with and there are so many facets the human race has yet to learn and discover about it. It may seem like we're just hoarding fascinating facts to one day show off in front of Alex Trebek (or on a first date) but to know all these things about our fellow planet dwellers is just straight up intriguing. Pick an animal or insect off the top of your head then go google, you'll be amazed. And that is just from the ones you can think of, never mind the species you didn't even know existed.

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