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In the immortal words of Ms. Britney Spears... Oops I did it again. Well, who hasn't? In this time of Covid we've been forced to meet over computer screens and thrive in ZOOM meetings. This is not a conducive way to live. Maybe I'm an eight hundred year old man, but I can't figure it all out and I don't care. I can't get the video to work, let alone the audio. And I've lost track of the "groups" that I keep mixing up. Can you imagine sharing in your Zumba class the thoughts you had about plotting to kill your boss that only your therapist was meant to hear? Just me?

Redditor u/SidneyRL wanted to know who, besides us, has dialed into the wrong number while dealing with online discussions, especially this last year. They asked... What's was your most embarrassing "oops wrong chat" moment?
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It's relatively uncommon to send things to the wrong number. So why does it seem that when we do, it is the absolute worst time it could have ever happened?

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911 is a serious phone line and should not be used as an alternative to the shopper's network, psychic hotline or your local sushi delivery. And if you house people who are mentally not prepared to use the line judiciously, then please hide all the phones. That should be the warning that everyone hears when calling into the emergency phone service, but then we wouldn't have some solidly funny stories about when the less than stable ring up our officers. It's not right, but it's okay.

Redditor u/KrystalGamer246 was dying to hear about the 911 calls that could be in a comedy series by asking... To any 911 call operators, what is the funniest 911 call you've ever had?
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Texting can be an excellent means of communication. You get the time to compose your thoughts, check your spelling, and make sure you're saying exactly what you want/need to say. The other person gets to respond at their leisure and convenience. It's glorious, really... unless it goes horribly wrong.

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Wrong numbers - they happen, but why do people keep calling the wrong number over and over again? In any case, there have been some bonkers misdials out there. The joys of landlines...

Justanotherguy45 asked: What's the weirdest wrong number call you've gotten?

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