worst ways to die

We're all going to die. There I said it. It's something I often try to avoid thinking about. I live with an unhealthy fear of death. I pray there is an afterlife because losing this life would be a bummer. But one day, with enough therapy, I'll hopefully get a grip and accept the inevitable.... for something faaaaaaaaaar in the distant future. And when death does come knocking I pray my exit is painless, quiet and quick.

Although after following the reddit chain below my nerves are shot. It seems we all might be a little obsessed with death. People have some very creative and miserable ways to perish. Why we do think this way?

Redditor u/gravy_fetish was wondering about the final moments we'll all be facing one day, who feels likes sharing their thoughts on a final exit? It was asked..... What is the absolute worst way to die?
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Death comes for us all, but not in the same way. From torture to illness, our inevitable ends will find us eventually. The key is avoiding the really nasty ways of dying - like falling into a woodchipper, or drowning in mud in a World War I trench.

MiklosHorthy asked, Redditors, What do you think is the worst way to die?

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