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World War II Soldiers sitting and standing on battle tank
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As long as we paid even the slightest attention during history class, we all know the basic history of World War II.

There are, of course, some historians who learn even more minute details of the history of World War II, possibly even having the opportunity to speak to veterans and Holocaust survivors, of which very few remain today.

However, even the most die-hard history buffs find themselves surprised by some information that isn't common knowledge—things your history teacher might neglect to mention in class, but are worthy of being known by everyone regardless.

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Nuclear warfare is on many people's minds these days as the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine continues to develop. Tensions on the world stage have been higher than ever and plenty of analysts have posited that we're all experiencing a throwback to what it was like to live during the Cold War era.

Of course, none of us want to deal with the possibility of a nuclear strike because the use of even one bomb could trigger widespread nuclear warfare. There's a reason why the principle of mutually assured destruction (MAD) has successfully kept the possibility of nuclear war in check.

That said, it's always worth learning more about any topics–including nuclear weapons.

People shared their knowledge with us after Redditor glasas007 asked the online community,

"What is a weird fact you know about nuclear bombs?"
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The number of people killed during World War II is staggering... about 70 million for those of you who don't know.

For comparison there are only 19 countries today whose current population is bigger than amount of people that died in six years of war.

Crazy, huh? Don't underestimate the impact of this event! History is fascinating.

People shared more information after Redditor alfawolfvii asked the online community,

"What are some crazy WWII facts you know?"
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We live in the stories of our family that came before us.

Unfortunately, social media and a constant stream of digital records did not exist in the time of either of the Great Wars.

Can you imagine a selfie taken from the trenches or from storming the beaches of Normandy?

Just because we can't see it, though, doesn't mean we haven't heard the tales, been swept away in the stories, the details, of one of the most horrific and heroic times in our collective history.

Because some of our family were there, and they told us about it.

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Crowd Goes Absolutely Wild For 96-Year-Old WWII Vet Who Played The National Anthem On His Harmonica
@espn video/Twitter; @kcsmit88/Twitter

The Star-Spangled Banner can evoke powerful emotions when performed well and with lots of passion. "Harmonica Pete" gave us exactly that.

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