Image by Milada Vigerova from Pixabay

The Earth's endless mysteries continue to fascinate us and make us realize we are all specks of dust even as occupants of the blue planet.

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There are still good people in the world; good people who want to do good things. It's hard to hold onto that hope when everytime you turn on the TV or even have a phone call with someone you thought you knew better makes your mood nothing but gloom. But angels are amongst us, and we can all be one ourselves. Just try.

Redditor u/my_man_44 wanted to hear about some of the bright spots in humanity in these gloomy times by asking.... What is the most wholesome act of kindness you have ever experienced/seen?

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Why do you love your country?

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Life outside of the USA is different.

The small things are different. The day-to-day is different. The social contracts are different.

So after a long time living outside of the USA, it stands to think you might change, too.

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If you think for too long about anything, it's going to start sounding weird. The process of giving birth, unspoken social cues, and our daily practices are all familiar to us, but under a microscope they may sound illogical or even scary.

Redditor u/blooper607 asked people about normal things that weird them out, and people talked about the every day occurrences they just can't get past.

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