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We’ve all known someone who is quick to preach about how to be a good person, how to live our lives, and more. But it’s almost laughable when that person doesn’t live up to their own expectations, snickered the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit. Redditor keeping_thepeace was listening to her father talk about someone he […] More
People Confess The Most 'Not Safe For Work' Thing They've Ever Done At Work
Spencer Davis on Unsplash

I used to work in restaurants and I cannot tell you how many of my former coworkers were caught fooling around on the job. The thing you have to remember about restaurants (especially lower end ones) is that everyone is dating each other.

Or at least they have. Or might be considering it.

The point here is don't get mixed up in any of that because it will come back to haunt you and make your workday uncomfortable.

And please, please, PLEASE do not go make out or have sex in the walk-in freezer.

That's just nasty (but people did it on the regular).

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