Who doesn't love animals?

Be they cute and cuddly, or ferocious and dangerous, it's hard to imagine anyone who isn't fascinated by at least one animal on this planet.

Particularly as there's almost always something surprising and unusual to learn about animals, no matter the species.

Redditor colonoscopescount was curious to learn unusual, largely unknown facts about animals discovered by other members of the Reddit community, leading them to ask:

"What is your number one obscure animal fact?"
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Cute and fuzzy does not a good pet make.

Many animals that seem adorable from afar would be far less pleasant inside your house.

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So we all in the USA joke about Australia and how scary its wildlife is, but the only reason we can joke is because we don't have to live it.

Australians themselves, however, are not so lucky.

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Vets Treat Bizarre, 'Exotic' Orange Bird Only To Realize It's Not Exotic At All
Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital/Facebook

A wildlife hospital thought they had found a rare bird- only to find out that they were indeed mistaken.

Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital recently received a very unique visitor.
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Family Of Ducks Makes An Adorable Annual Parade Through This New York Hospital
Thompson Health/Facebook, Louisa G Johnson/Facebook

There is a mallard duck that visits a particular spot at Thompson Health, a University of Rochester Medicine hospital in upstate New York, to lay her eggs every year.

After those eggs become adorable baby ducklings, she leads them on a tour of the hospital.

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