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People Describe The Absolute Worst Weddings They've Ever Been To
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We all love a good wedding, where the bride and groom are beaming after officially declaring their love in front of close friends and family gathered together in celebration.

Sure, wedding planning can be a headache, but the final result leading to the day of the nuptials usually proves it was all worth it.

Until something goes wrong.

Unfortunately, not all weddings are made the same and the special day can wind up being a major matrimonial miss.

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I was once asked to object at a wedding.

And as much as I love a good drama and adore being the center of attention, my answer was a hard NO.

Who does that?

You didn't think to speak sooner?

People show up to weddings, especially with an open bar, and all sense of decorum dies.

Bad behavior at a wedding is not cool y'all.

Don't poop on other people's special day.

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Insane Ruined Wedding Stories As Told By Guests
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As much every bride and groom might hope, the chances of everything going completely as planned on their wedding day is unlikely to happen.

In most cases, however, the bride and groom won't care, as nothing can spoil the happiest day of their lives when they commit to one another.

In rare cases, however, something might go terribly wrong.

So wrong, in fact, that it might be the only thing guests who were present at the wedding will be talking about for years to come.

Arguably ruining the wedding.

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Weddings can be a lot of things: a beautiful ceremony, the celebration of a love story, an incredibly fun party.

They can also be absolute stress fests, anticipation central, and in some cases, a lot of unnecessary pomp and circumstance.

However, all of that is to be expected. What we’re talking about today is those few weddings where everything goes wrong, secrets are revealed, or inappropriate behavior ensues. Those weddings that turn so awkward, it makes everyone cringe.

Redditors have plenty of those stories.

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People Describe The Most Cringeworthy Things They've Ever Seen A Bride And Groom Do
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Weddings are all about the bride and groom; as they should be.

And that can lead to some messes.

Disaster weddings really should be a reality show.

I've heard stories about some weddings you'd never believe weren't fiction.

Newlyweds! Please test out your ideas on some people first.

Think it through.

Get a wedding planner who is also a therapist.

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