Ukrainians Share How They First Heard About The Russian Invasion And Their Reaction
Max Kukurudziak on Unsplash

Believe it or not, many Ukrainians were not entirely convinced that Russia would invade their country, even in the days and weeks before it finally happened.

The war in Ukraine, which kicked off when Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his forces to invade the country on February 24, has created the largest humanitarian and refugee crisis Europe has seen in decades.

Ukrainians both inside and outside the country have had their lives significantly upended. The day Russia invaded weighs heavy on their hearts.

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The number of people killed during World War II is staggering... about 70 million for those of you who don't know.

For comparison there are only 19 countries today whose current population is bigger than amount of people that died in six years of war.

Crazy, huh? Don't underestimate the impact of this event! History is fascinating.

People shared more information after Redditor alfawolfvii asked the online community,

"What are some crazy WWII facts you know?"
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People Confess If They'd Take Up Arms And Risk Death To Protect Their Country
Eduard Delputte on Unsplash

We are in troubling times friends.

Everyday the news out of Ukraine is heartbreaking.

And it makes you wonder... "What if that was us?"

Could many of us stand up and join a military resistance if we had to?

It's one thing to think about sacrificing your life, it's a whole other thing to do it.

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We live in the stories of our family that came before us.

Unfortunately, social media and a constant stream of digital records did not exist in the time of either of the Great Wars.

Can you imagine a selfie taken from the trenches or from storming the beaches of Normandy?

Just because we can't see it, though, doesn't mean we haven't heard the tales, been swept away in the stories, the details, of one of the most horrific and heroic times in our collective history.

Because some of our family were there, and they told us about it.

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Do we really forget or do we choose to ignore the less pleasant parts of our history? That is the real question. The crux of how America deals with history.

There are so many vital details and so much fascinating information about the forging of this country that we often just study for a moment, then file away in the dead lands of our brains.

Maybe this is why we repeat history, we never learn from it because we choose to forget it.

Thankfully we have historians, teachers and people who crave random knowledge in hopes of one day ending up on 'Jeopardy.'

They'll never let us forget.

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