There's nothing quite like just going to sit down at a restaurant somewhere and enjoying a fine meal. It's one of life's pleasures. Who doesn't love good food? Or even better: Who doesn't love good food and good company?

Of course, the service can make or break your restaurant experience. As someone who used to work in food service, I can tell you that waiters and waitresses work very hard for their money. But not all are great and not all restaurants out there are particularly well managed.

People shared their stories with us after Redditor dragonboltz asked the online community,

"What was the worst restaurant experience you have ever had?"
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Servers Explain Which Meals Get The Most Complaints At Their Restaurant
Kate Townsend on Unsplash

Years ago I worked in a restaurant that served some very popular ribs and steaks.

Ribs and steaks were what this restaurant did best. Honestly, it should have never gone anywhere near fish, but it did, and it served it anyway. (Sorry about that.)

The number of customers who were disappointed in the fish? Quite high. But then again... you might want to stick to the steaks if you're going to a steakhouse.

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Servers Describe The Worst Valentine's Day Disasters They've Ever Witnessed
Image by Candid_Shots from Pixabay

Valentine's Day is perhaps one of the busiest times for restaurants, with couples forgoing take-out to share their romantic evening together in public.

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As an artist and struggling New York actor/writer I of course have waited on many a table. I've served the rich the poor, old and young, the fashionable, the plain, the kind and the evil. (There is far more evil eating out... just FYI) And it always made me wonder about strangers and their stories. In particular the stories behind the people who left me with a sense of sorrow. I've seen people stood up, celebrate the passings of loved ones from 9/11 and even a proposal gone awry. (Never ask for someone's hand in marriage with the ring on an Olive Garden breadstick!) Seeing people at their most vulnerable is definitely something you remember.

Redditor u/nGear wanted to know about the times they felt a tug at the heart for a few customers by asking them to divulge.... Waiters, what's the saddest "I'm waiting for someone" you have experienced?
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Waiters Share The Most Convoluted Orders They've Ever Taken
Public Domain/Pixabay

Waiting tables can be arduous work. It can also be rather rewarding, provided your customers tip decently (but that's another story we'll probably reserve for a different article).

One of the toughest parts about being a waiter: Customers who are so particular that taking their orders becomes an exercise in patience.

Today's burning question comes from Redditor Braumsisdabomb, who asked: "Waiters and waitresses of Reddit, what's the most convoluted order you've ever taken?"

Brace yourselves, people.

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