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People Imagine The Things They Would've Gone Viral For When They Were Kids If Social Media Was Around
Image by Pixelkult from Pixabay

For many of us in our childhood, social media was not yet available.

Whether that is a good or bad thing depends on the individual.

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Cat Goes Viral After The Internet Realizes Just How Much She Looks Like 'Grumpy Cat'
Clara Lin / SWNS

Meet the new 'grumpy cat' - a moody furball that bears a striking resemblance to the internet icon.

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Diner Goes Viral After They Charged A Customer For Asking A 'Stupid Question'
TwilightShow / Getty Images

It is said that if you ask a stupid question, you'll get a stupid answer.

No one mentioned you would also be charged for the privilege.

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This Sweet Interaction Between Two Boys Going After The Same Foul Ball Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity
MLB/YouTube, @buitengebieden_/Twitter

At a time when the world feels firmly and permanently divided, two young boys showed us all what true compassion and generosity looks like after they both went for the same foul ball at a recent MLB baseball game.

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