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People Break Down Their Most Useless Skills
Photo by Cookie the Pom on Unsplash

We are all full of surprises.

We have talents we hide.

And some we are completely unaware of.

Can you open any bottle of pickles?

I can.

Useless, but once and every once in a while... life-affirming.

Redditor Middle_Ad_2619 wanted everyone to share about the things they do that make no difference in the world. They asked:

"What is a useless skill that you have?"
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People Confess The Most Useless Skill They Possess
Photo by Cookie the Pom on Unsplash

Everyone has a few special secret talents.

The only reason we keep them quiet is because they don't make us money.

So we all have efficient party tricks.

It's just like having a brain full of useless information.

But you never know when that info may land you on Jeopardy.

So how useless is it all?

Our silly skills could get us on some reality show.

Redditor Billa_420 wanted everyone to share about all the talents they possess that don't seem to get them any richer in life. They asked:

"What is the most useless skill you have??"
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People Share The Most Pointless Special Ability They Possess
Omar Lopez/Unsplash

Having EDS comes with a whole heaping helping of weird body stuff, but there are two that people typically notice about me and have dubbed my "useless super powers."

My nails grow long and fast and all of my joints are hypermobile so my pieces all squish and bend like Elastigirl.

Don't get excited, it's not fun.

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People Admit Which Useless Skills They're Totally Proud Of
Photo by Cookie the Pom on Unsplash

We have to find some way to be proud of ourselves.

For example, I can recite the alphabet backwards. My brother can bend his index finger all the way back without blinking an eye.

Our useless talents are a part of our identity just like our useful ones. And we get to be prouder of our useless weird talents since hardly anybody else can do them.

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When we are in school there are certain subjects, lessons and skills that are pushed upon us even when we know, it's completely superfluous. The higher ups are always saying... "You'll need all of this, trust me." And now we know, even they knew that was balderdash. Ain't nobody ever going to need Geometry Proofs.

Redditor u/elliotsilvestri6 wanted everyone to discuss some of the things we were told by grown ups and educators about what we for sure needed to learn for the future, but as it turned out, we all knew better by asking.... What is the most useless skill you learned in high school?

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