urban explorers

It's as if nobody has ever watched the Halloween or Freddy horror franchises. You NEVER go into the abandoned house or building in your neighborhood. You especially steer clear if the place has a history of mayhem and murder. The darkness in the corners of those abandoned buildings still has evil. I know of what I speak. Why do we feel so tempted to explore the darkest, possibly most dangerous places? People need better hobbies. Ghosts are real and serial killers are lurking.... spread the word.

Redditor u/Inertia_Comrade wanted to hear about the times when some people found themselves in the middle of a little too much adventure by asking.... People who like to explore abandoned buildings. What was the biggest "f**k this, I'm out" moment you had while exploring?
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Teenagers living in small towns without a ton to do all share one distinct quality: they love abandoned buildings.

16-year-old punks also carry another key trait. They are bold as hell. Combine those two and scary things will come their way.

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