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There are foods touted as the greatest, greenest elixir for health, and then the next thing you know, they cause cancer or love handles.

Sometimes it seems like you can't win.

We have a lot of unlearning to do when it comes to food.

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Getting healthy and staying healthy is always going to be a stress in life for moist of us. With amount of miracle diets and pills and exercise regimes is amazing how we're not all stick figures blown down by small gust of wind. One of the main problems with staying healthy is often lack of knowledge, especially when it pertains to our diets. There is no miracle and most of the foods we believe are healthy are not; half the time it'd be smarter to just eat an entire pie. It would be more enjoyable that's for sure.

Redditor u/Filmologic wanted to know what foods we're better off skipping and just eating the chocolate by asking..... What "healthy" food is actually way more unhealthy than most people think?
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