People Break Down The Most Unexplainable Thing That's Ever Happened To Them
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

As humans, we always have this natural desire to find an explanation for every weird thing that happens to us. We are inherently skeptics. But at least a few times in our lifetime, we stumble upon an experience that is completely unexplainable, and it permanently rocks our world.

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Life is full of little moments of WTF. We have them daily - finding a lost something in a place you know you checked a bunch of times before, that awareness that you've done this before, thinking an intense thought and having the person next to you respond to it as if you spoke it aloud.

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People Share Their All-Time Favorite Mysteries That Were Actually Solved
Photo by Blake Lisk on Unsplash

The world is full of mysteries. Why are we here? What's at the bottom of the ocean? Is there other intelligent life in the universe?

Humans are naturally curious creatures, so we find mysteries in every corner of our universe. And when we can finally solve those mysteries, it's so satisfying for our little squirrelly brans.

Luckily, there are an abundance of mysteries we have solved in our time on earth.

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People Share The Creepiest Things They Don't Talk About In Their Profession

WARNING: the following article contains discussion of suicide/self-harm.

Professional secrets come with most jobs, whether it's a secret recipe or confidential client information. Some secrets are just downright creepy though.

A coworker who randomly disappeared in the past, uncomfortable realities of the job, or a particular subject that everyone always avoids can definitely up the creep factor in any workplace.

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Skeptics Reveal What They've Seen That They Still Can't Explain
Public Domain/Pixabay

Life can be freaky and we all see and experience things from time to time that we have no rational explanation for.

Today's burning question from Redditor Angellic_Reaper: "Skeptics of Reddit, what's something you have seen that you cannot explain?"

Buckle up, kids. Things are about to get weird.

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