Egregious acts and unethical practices have happened in schools since they first began.

Not too long ago, the news was filled with stories and commentary on Paris Hilton's YouTube documentary where she opened up about her time in the troubled teen industry.

In Canada, the Indigenous community is bringing home the lost native children that were discovered in unmarked graves in former residential schools. The same reckoning began in the U.S. in 2016.

Though we may not be seeing these extreme examples of unethical actions in public schools today, there are still grievances among our youth. We went to AskReddit to hear about the things we force our students to bear.

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A boss can make or break a job.

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Clint Patterson on Unsplash

There's a reason why they say a person makes an honest living.

Which can be a headscratcher upon first listen. Because anyone working hard to earn enough money to support their family, have a roof over their heads, or be able to have food on the table, is earning an honest living.

Many of us tend to forget there are shady operations by which wage-earners make their money, and if they have a conscience, it's not telling them what they are doing to survive is most definitely an honest way to survive.

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It's no secret that businesses will cut corners to increase profitability however, there is a line-a big red line that should not be crossed. When it comes to safety or ethics cutting costs should not come first. Almost everyone has had on-the-job experiences where bosses have asked them to do something that didn't sit right with them.

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The commonality of a practice is not a reliable expression of how moral or justified that practice is. Let's put that in more direct terms: there are a lot of people out here doing all kinds of terrible stuff that we're just "used to."

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