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Coming out is never easy.

Even in this day and age it comes with a touch of drama.

Of course we have to acknowledge how society has come a long, LOOOONG way with this topic.

The LGBTQ+ community of today definitely has a more welcoming world to announce themselves to.

But the truth is, it's still an intimate experience one must come to terms with.

And there is always that moment when... you know.

No matter your age, you still have the A-HA realization.

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Looking at a friend in a new light can be a massive surprise.

They always say, lovers should be friends as well.

It happens all the time.

Love and lust was always right there and we didn't see it for awhile.

It can be an awkward realization at first, but if you pass up the chance when the feeling strikes, you could regret it.

Look at "My Best Friend's Wedding."

And most of the time it just takes a quick moment and BAM!

Everything changes.

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