The convenience of flight comes with a few expected inconveniences. First, your seat is never going to feel like it's big enough for you. Second, the person either in front of or behind you is going to put their feet up or lean their seat too far back. And, third, you have to roll the dice with the TSA checkpoints.

They scan you, check your baggage, send you on your way. Installed as a form of protection, they do their jobs before you even arrive at the airport, keeping very obvious weapons and dangerous minded individuals from boarding your flight.

Most of the time.

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People Share Which Things Seem Like They Should Be Illegal But Are Totally Legal

There are some things that our upbringing had trained us to think are illegal or wrong. Most of the time, they are illegal, but sometimes they just feel illegal.

Sometimes their legality depends on where you are, like turning right when the stoplight is red. Perfectly legal in some areas, but prohibited in others.

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It's wild what people think they can bring on planes.

You're thinking it will just be a normal airport security moment, and then all of a sudden, security is unpacking an entire kitchen from somebody's carry-on luggage. But that's if you're lucky. You never know what else you might find, in earnest.

Security have seen it all. Nothing can really surprise them anymore. But maybe, once in awhile, they will be surprised. And then you shall be afraid. Very afraid.

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Chrissy Teigen Just Tried To Take Gravy Through Airport Security—And We All Learned A Valuable Lesson
David Livingston/Getty Images, @smk73/Twitter

Cookbook author Chrissy Teigen and judge of NBC's Bring the Funny served up some giggles this week while going through airport security.

The Transportation Security Administration has strict rules when it comes to allowable food items, and keeping track of what can or can't be packed in a carry-on is daunting for the casual jet setter.

So what about gravy?

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