Once you have a baby… the balance of compromise begins. And it’s not always easy. The traditions and aspects of life you participated in have to be amiable to this new life. But once that chaos starts brewing it can cause a lot of stress on parents. Case in point… Redditor Unusual-Desk-4700 wanted to discuss […] More
Honoring both families’ traditions while planning a wedding can be a difficult balance to strike. But for one woman on Reddit, the situation became downright dramatic after her future in-laws insisted on a rather strange and inappropriate family tradition–cutting the bride out of her wedding dress. She wasn’t sure about how she handled things, so […] More
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One thing you can almost always count on when it comes to planning a wedding: Most families are going to have a lot of opinions. For one person on Reddit, their opinions on their brother’s wedding turned into a heated conflict when they insisted the wedding following the traditions of their family and the brother […] More
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