toxic masculinity

Image by Victor Vote from Pixabay

Toxic masculinity is justifiably villainized. It is so often the cause of physical abuse against women, problematic behavior in the workplace, powerful men refusing to listen, and a general culture of patriarchal aggression.

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For many insecure fellas out there, anything that is not completely in line with the behavior of John Wayne in an old western film is to be avoided like the plague.

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Being a man can hold a lot of fear and uncertainty on its own. While they are expected to not show emotion, and are forced into the cycle of toxic masculinity, they have to deal with a number of internal struggles. Here are some of them from the men of Reddit.

u/Gullsko asked: Men of reddit, what's a thing that can be scary about being a man?

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The #MeToo movement signaled the dawning of a new era of women's empowerment.

They were encouraged and supported by their peers to come forward with their stories that were formerly hidden out of shame and fear.

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Leland Michael/Facebook

When a student asked Leland Schipper about the shirt he was wearing, a gray t-shirt with a rainbow Iowa design on it, it opened up an opportunity to teach the class a valuable lesson.

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