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People Share Their Proudest 'I Was Doing It Before It Was Cool' Experiences
Image by Pete 😀 from Pixabay

It's not easy being alone in brilliance. To have an innate intuition about life is a gift and a curse. Nobody ever believes you.

And then when you're proven right, people get all moody about you shoving an "I told you so" in their face. But like... I did tell you so.

Madonna, Madonna is brilliant about always being ahead of the curve. Culturally she always knew where we were headed and what was and was not going to work.

It's a gift that is only meant for some.

So Redditor u/Fireseeker23 reached out and wanted to discuss the things that those of us "in the know," always knew first by asking:

"What is your "Did it before it was cool" thing?"
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People Share Their Best 'I Told You So' Experiences

As much as we're not supposed to feel satisfaction upon observing the struggles of other people, it can be hard to resist a silent, internal fist pump when some blunder occurs immediately after we tried to help the person prevent it.

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Paul Revere, Jesus Christ, our parents... Anthony Fauci. Why is it humans always choose to ignore signs and try to discredit the truth tellers? Are we truly that arrogant? Now that I'm an adult I feel like I should always be on an apology tour to my elders who always warned me about growing up; they were right, youth is wasted on the young.

Thank goodness there always seems to be a handful of people who are willing to risk everything to expose what needs to told. And those people are never travelling an easy road. They are often ridiculed and lambasted. But thankfully, most of the time, they do get their "I told you so" moments.

Redditor u/MeargleSchmeargle wanted to discuss some of the people who tried to warn everyone and blow the whistles on so many things, though it often all landed on deaf ears; they asked... Who was crazy until they were right all along?
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People Share Their Most Satisfying 'I Called It' Moments
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Don't lie - you love the feeling of being right. We all do. Even when we kind of wish we weren't right, there's that satisfying little twinge when we get to tell someone "I told you so!"

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Love is rough. There are many little quirks you have to put up with in a partner. Those quirks are part of the "compromise" that makes love worth it. Or... are they more than quirks? Are they flat out rude actions. Some people may not be able to handle all you are and your authentic self. That's a problem y'all. For instance...

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