As adults, especially those who work with or have kids of their own, we have a responsibility to mold the young minds that will go on to be the adults of tomorrow. They are our future, and we owe it to them to raise adults that will be respectful and kind community members.

There are plenty of things we were taught as kids that we thought were harmless at the time. But years later those same things have become an issue.

We went to ask Reddit to learn about those issues that we should change for the next generation.

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Everyday seems to bring about more somber news and confusion. But just because the outside world seems to be coming to a pause that doesn't mean education has to stop. It fact it is imperative that learning be one of the fundamentals of this experience. Many, many students have been forced to switch to learning from home online. And be educated online can be an "interesting" experience.

Redditor u/lengelmp wanted to hear from all the students out there who are homeschooling it through this crisis by asking....

Students who's classes have been moved online: what is the funniest thing to happen in an online class so far?

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We've all done it, it's not a sin... at least I think it's not. We've all cheated on a test at least once in our lives. The only rule to cheating is... "if you're gonna do, do it right!" Cheating can actually be a skill. It requires deftness and precision. If you can't do it... just take the F. Don't become a shame story for the generations that follow.

Redditor u/molnarg1102 wanted teachers and students to let us know the best ways to NOT get caught while trying to pass, though one would think that would already be obvious but.... no. They asked... What's the best/worst attempt at cheating you've seen during a test?

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Teachers are a vital part of childrens' development, both because they teach them facts and because they teach them how to be good people.

Sometimes that education happens in the classroom, and sometimes it comes in the form of sage wisdom or a but if extra help shared one on one.

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What is crossing the line of education for kids? Are there some thing that are better kept from our kids or should we teach them everything?

There are a few very differing schools of thought on this topic, with one side vehemently believing kids have a right to know everything; another side arguing scaffolding of knowledge; and another side in favor of withholding knowledge altogether.

However, nobody can agree on this. That's what makes the debate so interesting--literally nobody can agree.

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