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Rethink The Ink: People Explain Which Tattoos Are A Total Red Flag

A Redditor asked: 'What tattoo is a red flag?'

person getting a tattoo

Collins Lesulie on Unsplash

The art of tattooing has been practiced across the globe since at least Neolithic times, as evidenced by mummified skin, art and the archaeological artifacts.

The oldest tattooed human skin was found on the body of Ötzi the Iceman from between 3370 and 3100 BC.

Tattooed mummies were recovered in almost 50 archaeological digs across the Earth with locations in Greenland, Alaska, Siberia, Mongolia, western China, Egypt, Sudan, the Philippines and the Andes.

But while advancements in tools and inks have opened up endless possibilities for body art, some designs have garnered a bad reputation.

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People Break Down The Best Advice For Someone Looking To Get Their First Tattoo
Image by ilovetattoos from Pixabay

As much as the narrative of the drunken nighttime tattoo excursion has some appeal, the truth is that tattoos are important decisions.

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Tattoo Artists Share Their Funniest 'Are You Sure About This?' Customer Request
ilovetattoos / Pixabay

Tattoos are an incredibly personal and variable thing. Some folks think they should only be reserved for important things. Others are fine with tattoos being something as unimportant and silly a dancing hot dog if it makes a person happy.

Some tattoos though ... yeah.

One Reddit user asked: Tattoo artists of reddit, what's the "Are you f*cking sure about getting this one?" moment you had with a client?

and yeah ... some tattoos... 0.o

Yeah, I just hit you with a text-moji like it's 2004. Nothing else could adequately describe the face you're about to make while reading this.

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People Break Down The Funniest Tattoo Mistranslations They've Ever Seen
Photo by Jake Davies on Unsplash

Tattoos written in a language not spoken by the wearer are not uncommon.

People like to have a mysterious mark that they can claim is deeply significant for them, and yet you have no idea what it even means.

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"The customer is always right," is a wildly overused axiom that seems to be untrue as often as it's correct.

The knowledge and experience of a product provider often means they can give some pretty good advice when a customer is making wild demands. That is especially true for people making permanent modifications to someone's body.

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